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Hard at work...geezzz somebody gotta do it!
JoAnn Taylor Royal
Plein Air Artist

A native of Orange County, CA, JoAnn took every art class available during her school years.  I've needed to be creative for as long as I can remember.  "From my first Paint-by-Number as a child, I was hooked on painting!"  JoAnn focused on graphic arts in college and utilized the training in her advertising career.  She is now painting full time.  She is on a continuous journey to improve her skills.  Over the years, she has been influenced by many working artists who have been willing to share their knowledge. She has been juried into many painting competitions and enjoys the pressure that puts on her to work harder.

Art of all kinds can awe and inspire JoAnn, but especially en plein air paintings. "The colors and feelings erupting from nature motivate me to pick up a paint brush and transfer them onto canvas.  I go down the street and visualize things depicted in paint. While I'm painting, I truly feel my soul being filled at the same time my canvas is."

2008 President of SOCALPAPA
SOCALPAPA Southern California Plein Air Painters Association
SCAA San Clemente Art Association



SCAA San Clemente Art Association,